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Title : Kubera: God of Many Hues
Author : Madhurika K Maheshwari
Publisher : IIRNS_Publications
Detail : Kubera, Lord of Yakshas, is a multi hued god with numerous legends associated with him. Starting with the birth of Kubera,this fascinating study traces the various legends associated with Kubera and their iconographic delineation, the integration and parallel of Kubera in Buddhism and Jainism, his representation in the other countries of Asiaand in the different parts of India and so on. Divided in 10 Chapters: * Kubera : God of Many Hues * Legends of Kubera: in word and in stone
Bib. : Hard Bound, 302 pp A4 ; Size 280x215 mm, Introduction+10 Chapters+bibliography+index; 284 coloured and black and white illus
ISBN : 978-81-86786-34-5
Book ID : IPA201301
Price : INR 3500.00